Custom Solutions


From custom GIS plugins, to specialized tools and comprehensive map applications, we implement individual requests.

Custom software development

We excel in creating custom geospatial software solutions that align with your specific requirements. Our experienced developers work closely with you to understand your objectives, workflows, and bottlenecks. We design and develop software that streamlines your geospatial processes, enhances efficiency, and drives innovation within your organization.

Personalized plugins and extensions

Off-the-shelf open-source geospatial software may not always cater to your exact needs. Our team can develop personalized plugins and extensions for QGIS, Postgresql/PostGIS and other open-source geospatial software that integrate seamlessly with your existing software systems, enhancing their functionality and empowering you with added features.

Comprehensive client solutions

We take a holistic approach to software development. If you have a specific project in mind, such as a web application, we can build a complete solution that encompasses all aspects of your requirements. From conceptualization to deployment, our team handles every step of the development process. We provide application and data hosting as well as ongoing support and maintenance for all our creations.

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