We host your spatial data either for public or authenticated online sharing, downloading and as a WMS service. We will deal with the complexity of web services and standards-based spatial data infrastructure maintenance.

Standards-based spatial data online

You can upload datasets that you want to make available as web maps and we take care of the rest, including providing standards-based Web Mapping Services (WMS), tile based (think OpenStreetMap or Google Maps), or the new modern Vector Tiles format. These spatial data services are standards-based and compatible with desktop GIS like QGIS and web mapping software libraries like LeafletJS, OpenLayers, or MapLibre JS.

Your own web map

As an extension, we can also provide a website with a web map specifically for your datasets.

Full-stack spatial data infrastructure

If you have higher requirements we can also host dedicated instances of popular open-source spatial data servers like Geoserver.

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