Our GIS consulting services offer specialized guidance and support in using open-source geospatial software.

Building a basic GIS workflow

We will build a conceptual GIS-workflow to solve your specific problem. We provie guidance in creating spatial data (incl. spatial database, metadata, standards), geoprocessing (incl. spatial data quality control), spatial data analysis and visualization. We will help you to choose the appropriate tools and open-source software for the task.

Automating workflows with code

If you have many repetitive GIS-workflows and you wish to make the analysis faster and more efficient then we offer the possibility to automate your workflows with programming.

Solving specific geospatial challenges

We offer consultations for solving complex and specific challenges in spatial analysis and geospatial data processing: creating spatial databases, fusion of multiple datasets (incl. remote sensing), geostatistics, spatial modelling and machine learning.

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