Trainings & User Support

Geolynx trainings are suitable for both beginners and advanced learners. We currently offer courses for QGIS, but training courses for Postgresql/PostGIS and Geoserver are also being prepared.

QGIS training for beginners

If you’re new to QGIS (and also GIS) or have limited experiences, our beginner’s training is the perfect starting point. The learning materials will guide you through the fundamentals of GIS, introducing you to the QGIS interface, basic data manipulation, and map creation. You’ll gain a solid understanding of spatial data concepts and learn how to use various tools and plugins effectively. By the end of the training, you’ll be confident in creating maps, conducting basic spatial analysis, and visualizing data in a compelling way.

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QGIS training for advanced users

For more advanced GIS professionals looking to take their skills to the next level, our advanced training offers in-depth insights into the advanced functionalities and techniques within QGIS including automating workflows with Model Builder.

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QGIS training for custom needs

We offer customized trainings for your organization’s needs and/or with your specific spatial data. We can develop training with open-source software (QGIS, PostgreSQL/PostGIS) according to your specific needs.

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User support

We understand that learning doesn’t stop after training, and that’s why geolynx also offers user support. Our team of GIS experts is available to answer your questions, troubleshoot issues, and provide guidance whenever you need it.

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Our GIS consulting services offer specialized guidance and support in using open-source geospatial software.

Building a basic GIS workflow

We will build a conceptual GIS-workflow to solve your specific problem. We provie guidance in creating spatial data (incl. spatial database, metadata, standards), geoprocessing (incl. spatial data quality control), spatial data analysis and visualization. We will help you to choose the appropriate tools and open-source software for the task.

Automating workflows with code

If you have many repetitive GIS-workflows and you wish to make the analysis faster and more efficient then we offer the possibility to automate your workflows with programming.

Solving specific geospatial challenges

We offer consultations for solving complex and specific challenges in spatial analysis and geospatial data processing: creating spatial databases, fusion of multiple datasets (incl. remote sensing), geostatistics, spatial modelling and machine learning.

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Custom Solutions

From custom GIS plugins, to specialized tools and comprehensive map applications, we implement individual requests.

Custom software development

We excel in creating custom geospatial software solutions that align with your specific requirements. Our experienced developers work closely with you to understand your objectives, workflows, and bottlenecks. We design and develop software that streamlines your geospatial processes, enhances efficiency, and drives innovation within your organization.

Personalized plugins and extensions

Off-the-shelf open-source geospatial software may not always cater to your exact needs. Our team can develop personalized plugins and extensions for QGIS, Postgresql/PostGIS and other open-source geospatial software that integrate seamlessly with your existing software systems, enhancing their functionality and empowering you with added features.

Comprehensive client solutions

We take a holistic approach to software development. If you have a specific project in mind, such as a web application, we can build a complete solution that encompasses all aspects of your requirements. From conceptualization to deployment, our team handles every step of the development process. We provide application and data hosting as well as ongoing support and maintenance for all our creations.

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We host your spatial data either for public or authenticated online sharing, downloading and as a WMS service. We will deal with the complexity of web services and standards-based spatial data infrastructure maintenance.

Standards-based spatial data online

You can upload datasets that you want to make available as web maps and we take care of the rest, including providing standards-based Web Mapping Services (WMS), tile based (think OpenStreetMap or Google Maps), or the new modern Vector Tiles format. These spatial data services are standards-based and compatible with desktop GIS like QGIS and web mapping software libraries like LeafletJS, OpenLayers, or MapLibre JS.

Your own web map

As an extension, we can also provide a website with a web map specifically for your datasets.

Full-stack spatial data infrastructure

If you have higher requirements we can also host dedicated instances of popular open-source spatial data servers like Geoserver.

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